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Friending Meme! 8D

Teh others were LAZEEEH, so I have to do it for them. DX

Just comment with teh following. <3 You may also comment on other's applications. 8D

This is stolen from somewhere. *shot

Application! Application!Collapse )

Icon number two!! 8D

In which I created another icon with the image Elie provided. XD

Notes on the Japanese text: According to an online translator, that means "The Hangout". 8D



LULZ. Icon. I do not think it fits with the current layout.
If there is someone who can make LJ layouts or icons out there, do make one for the comm using that certain image elievelcross  placed on the first post, so that we can change the current one with something better. 8D

Let's get to know each other! 8D

Some people don't me, and I don't know some people here as well, so we should get to introducing ourselves! ^_^

Call me Ryuacchi, and I am the "Komyou Sanzo" of our Band of Unreligious Priests. (I would love to get Ukoku, but Ellie beat me into it. DX) I still have no idea if we got a Kami-sama or a Genjyo Sanzo yet, but heck.

I like a lot of anime and other stuff, and I have a psychotic, sadistic, evil personality. ^_^

Comment to introduce? 8D

OMG, first post, YAY!

lol.hallo guys. the page was bare, so i encourage you to post, damn it!XD

Welcome Post

Just a little welcome post...

I don't know how to start this but the message on the picture is true....
we`re all mad. :D